MRM -Solutions For Total Effectiveness



MRM provides technical,human resources and operational consulting services to companies the world. Our services and solutions range across a spectrum of technical management, crew management, newbuilding supervision, project evaluations and performance consultancy. 




MRM - Delivering Beyond Expectations

Through our offices in Kuala Lumpur and Manila, we perform, manage and deliver solutions speedily and seamlessly. Our work is performed as if we were in each of client's offices focusing on thier needs.  

Our all encompassing infrastructure with well-defined processes including robust and secure delivery technologies effectively supports international work. It bridges geographical divides. We not only save our clients significant amounts of time and money but also improve their competitive advantage by increasing the quality of their processes, services and support functions. 

MRM does not believe cost savings alone should be the significant focus in the services we offer. Rather, productivity increases, delivery improvements and enhancements to the delivery product are equally important to us.  

Our services include:

  • HR Recruitment and Selection
  • Documentation and processing
  • Timely allotment and payroll
  • Welfare Services
  • Performance Monitoring, Training and Development
  • HR administration and management solutions
  • HR recruitment and performance monitoring
  • HR policy solutions
  • HR compliance including file maintenance and forms processing
  • Position evaluation and hiring solutions
  • Technical management of vessels
  • Shipyard supervision services
  • Marine repair project management
  • Marine operations consultancy